At CB Caravans and RV Centre we offer a full range of sales options. Since starting we have imported over 300 UK Caravans and sold them all over NZ. We only buy our caravans from our one contact in the UK so that we know what we are getting and we trust our agent to not send us anything rubbish, like we unfortunately have seen.

We offer import to order. If you have a certain type of caravan you like, then we can find this in the UK with our agent, arrange all the shipping, insurance, arrival documents, collection and conversion and certification. All in house. We have found this very successful and also saves you from buying something already imported.

We also offer sales on behalf. We are doing more and more of this and finding this works well for our customers. We arrange with you to drop the vehicle to us. We carry out a full inspection, repair anything that needs fixing, in consultation of course, renew any certification and also offer a groom. We are finding buyers like buying from a respected business.

We have good relationships with several finance companies so we can offer this service as well if needed.


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